VDI and Mt Fuji

Both components of the previous VDI and TK mountain teams were in Japan for the IRMMW-THz Conference in Nagoya and had the pleasure (!) of climbing Mt. Fuji in a storm with winds >50 km a hour.   So it was not surprising that we were all soaked through when we arrived at the summit:   Left to right...Lucy Wylde, Jeffrey Hesler, Tom Crowe and Richard Wylde.... Lucy had sensoble boots and dry feet.... the other not so lucky.   There is a Japanese proverb about climbing Mt. Fuji:   “He who climbs Mt. Fuji is a wise man; he who climbs twice is a fool.”                                 ...

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Nick Stone and HND

Congratulations to Nick Stone for passing his Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with a merit grade. Nick continues to be crucial part of TK's skilled work force by moving to and taking charge of our Wire EDM and CMM departments.

Component testing system delivered to European manufacturer of 78 GHz Car Radars

TK has delivered a turnkey Quasi-Optical scalar combined transmissometer/reflectometer to a major European manufacture of car radars. The system measures the performance - the transmission and reflection  - of a vital part of the car radar simultaneously, over the full waveguide E-band (60-90 GHz). A X6 multiplier and detectors are provide by VDI, while a 10-15 GHz Vaunix RF source drives the multiplier chain. Both detectors and the source are controlled by a TK-developed compiled LabVIEW application.       The manual for the sysyem can be downloaded here

ESA's Jupiter moon mission radiometer - JUICE SWI - hardware componennts to be built by TK

TK is really excited to have been awarded the design and manufacturing contract for corrugated feed horns and polarizing wire grids for the IAP, University of Bern, designed Quasi-Optics of the Sub-millimetre Wave Instrument (SWI) on ESA's Jovian mission JUICE. SWI is being developed by an international consortium under the lead of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Germany. An image of the SWI instrument can be seen below:   Details of both the overall JUICE mission is available on ESA's WWW site  and the SWI can be found at MPS's site here and a detailed technical description here, from which the abstract is reproduce below: The Submillimetre Wave Instrum...

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GDPR Privacy Statement

In common with the rest of the commercial universe, we have been hard at work updating our Privacy Policy in the light of the EU's General Data Protection Regulations.  You can find our policy here  

PETER project moves forward

Alisa Leavesleyhas kindly agreed to join us at the start of August. Alisa received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry summa cum laud from James Madison University in 2013 and is anticipated to receive her doctoral degree in physical chemistry under the supervision of Songi Han in June 2018 from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her research has focused on developing a high field (7 T/200 GHz) dual dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) instrument and understanding the spin physics behind DNP – specifically the influence of radical heterogeneity and clustering on DNP. The PETER project provides a great opportunity for Alisa to expand and apply ...

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