Student Outreach 2014

In 2013 Thomas Keating stepped up its efforts to provide students who have Physics and Engineering in their sights  - both at school and at university -  with an experience of industrial life.  We have continued this into 2014.

Vicky Whiting is an Engineering undergraduate at the University of Bath and joined TK for a month in summer 2014.  She worked on a range of projects, including:

  • a study of the uses of a new 3D printer at TK
  • designing a new support for the electronics boards used in the Support Units in the Pro/Engineer CAD package and printed them
  • printing a model of an upgrade to a quasi-optical in-vessel plasma diagnostics for the Joint European Taurus (JET)
  • designing a waveguide transition using Ansys HFSS software
  • investigating an alternative design for the TK Absolute THz Power Meter for use with the standard TK 125 mm grid system.

Vicky Whiting

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